While not everyone thinks of their phone as a tool for improving one's life and accomplishing more, the iphone can help them to do just that. If you want to utilize your iphone to its maximum capabilities, you need to learn all you can about it. Reading the tips below will bring you one step closer to becoming a more connected, delighted iphone user.

One of the most beloved features of the iphone is the ability to take pictures. Taking a lot of pictures, though, can leave you with many unorganized photos. The iphone has a built-in album to help organize your pictures. This cuts down on a lot of time when searching for a particular picture you would like to see.

One thing you must remember with an iphone is not to get carried away with the tremendous amount of apps available. There are quite a few free and paid iphone apps that are useful. When downloading apps, be careful that it comes from a trusted source.

Sometimes a notification appears when you are using your iphone. It's likely that you need to finish what you're working on before turning your attention to the notification. It is easy to remove the notification. Just swipe the notification away when it appears on your screen.

Scrolling to the top on a long webpage can take a while. It's not necessary. Tap the bar on the top of the page and it will bring you to where you started. You can do this with iTune lists and other long screens as well as webpages.

If the iphone freezes up, stay calm. First, press wake/sleep. If you are unsuccessful, push it along with the home button. When held for a few seconds, they initiate a hard reset on the phone that will restore its functions.

The command to mark one of your emails as "unread" isn't a visible one. First, go to Details, then click on the "Unread" button. When you access your mail, the message will still appear to be unread.

You can get a lot out of your iphone by linking it to your social networks. A lot of mobile users are already aware that they can do this, but a lot of folks still have no idea that they can do this.

Battery management apps have many benefits. There are many varieties available, each with features for letting you know what percentage of battery you are using on each task and how you can get more from your battery. They also let you know when you need to calibrate, letting you keep the battery healthy.

Love Siri but loathe her voice? If so, this tip should be of interest to you. First, you have to find Siri that is located on the General Settings tab. You can change her language to French, German or English. On this screen, you can also select the accent of the Siri app to have various accents as well. Actually, the Siri with the British accent is male!

If you have started writing an email but did not get it completed, don't close the email, click on cancel instead. You will be given the option of saving the email in draft form for future completion. Select "yes" and you return to the draft email later on.

Your iphone gives you the power to take a screenshot at any time. Just hold the power and home button at the same time. (Be quick because if you hold them too long, this action will reboot the phone.) At that point, your screenshot will be taken.

If you want to save some work on the iphone and come back to it later, just tap Cancel. Mail will ask whether you want to cancel the message, save it, or discard it. Choose Save to save the message into your Drafts folder. If your Drafts folder does not already exist, one is thus created.

There are three different ways to scroll through your contact list on your iphone. You can use your finger to scroll through the entire list, tap on one letter to jump to it or slightly pressing your finger on the list. The third method offers the best of both worlds by including your entire contact list but allowing you to search through it quickly.

Connect with all your friends through social media on the iphone. You can update Twitter, Facebook and other social networks through your iphone. You can even use certain social media apps to get breaking news that you will not hear anywhere else.

Keep an iphone away from extreme temperatures. For instance, if you work in a frozen or refrigerated locker, don't bring the phone with you. Moisture can accumulate inside the phone if it is subjected to these extreme temperatures.

When texting, do you always send them to the same people? You can add them to your favorites. It might seem like a simple tip, but some people do not implement it. By doing so, you can save a lot of time with the people you call and text the most. There is a tiny arrow next to the contact where you can select text message by tapping it. This is a quick way to return calls or texts.

Give distinct names to each email account that you plan on checking using your iphone. If you keep all of your accounts under the same alias, it can get confusing. Choose a unique name for each account and you will be able to keep your personal life and private one separate.

There are many tricks to the iphone such as eliminating the emails that are superfluous. Delete unwanted emails by pulling your finger over the message and deleting it.

Novice iphone users often find themselves amazed at how much can be done with their devices. Most owners will only be aware of a handful of the cool things their new phone can do. By utilizing the above information, you can obtain the most benefit out of your phone.