Have you thought about why you want to learn how to be a better football player? Do you want to be a better player when you play with your family or friends at home? Are you on a school team and you want to be the star player? No matter what your motivations are, you should learn more.

There is no "I" in football. Your team supports you, and you must return the favor. Never try to monopolize the ball. Your teammates are very important to your success, especially when you're trying to win the game.

Work on your kicking abilities. Kicking is not the most important skill to have, but it is certainly up there. Too many players don't spend enough time practicing their kicking skills. If they don't practice, they can have problems kicking the ball.

You must stay healthy to play football. It is important to properly warm up before games, workouts or scrimmages. You also need to boost your immune system by eating right and being good with your hygienic practices. In addition, practice as much as you can.

When you've got the perfect exercise regimen, keep at it. You must be consistent to get the most out of a workout. The best way to gain advantages from a fitness plan is to pick a good one and practice it consistently. Don't quit and start new routines all the time.

Dance is often incorporated into a football players routine. Although it may seem to be a completely different art form at first glance, it can really help with your footwork. Improving your footwork helps immensely on the football field.

If you're a receiver or runningback, you should practice your stiff arm. The stiff arm can buy you time and yards in a game, and it can also ward off a defender completely. Stick out your arm in a straight line.

It's important to be in shape when tryouts come around. Stretch before you work out, then do some cardio exercises. Follow those with some lifting of weights and a routine to cool down.

Field goals help your team win games. If your team is at a fourth down situation, try kicking a field goal. If your kicker can make the goal, then go for it. Your team will gain three points for each field goal.

The best football players have substantial bulk and muscle mass. Eating a lot is important, but the quality of the food is also important. They must avoid unhealthy fats while increasing caloric intake. Eat plenty of vegetables and pasta dishes and add olive oil to your favorite recipes.

Quickness and speed are essential to receivers. Set up a running area to practice increasing your speed. You can create one by putting two markers 10 yards away from each other. Sprint between cones with the goal of improving your speed. Then make it a goal to beat your previous time. This will build your explosive action.

A great football tip is to always pay attention to how much time there is left on the clock, and to use that to your team's advantage. If the game is nearing its end, and you have the ball and you're down, you don't want to run down the clock.

It's critical to memorize the basic defensive team positions. There are 8 positions. Positions on defense include a defensive tackle and end, nose tackle, cornerback and two each of safeties and outside linebackers. There can be two outside linebackers and tow inside linebackers in a 3-4 game while a 4-3 game may have two outside linebackers with only one inside linebacker. Free safety and strong safety are the safety positions.

If you desire to play football in college, send them DVD highlights. Apply to a number of different schools. If possible, choose the school with the best educational standards, as well.

Work on your stamina and endurance levels. If you are running back and forth and not becoming winded, then you will be seen as being an asset for any team. If you happen to become winded, slow down and deepen your breathing. Focus on the fact you will be feeling better soon, getting you back into playing.

Make it a goal to hustle during practice. Playing football requires plenty of energy. You must use speed and tackles, and you have to give your all to perform well. That is where the importance of hustling comes in. Be the very best possible.

Keep your body parallel when engaging in squats. The key is the way in which this builds leg strength, providing you with the muscular strength to keep your speed up when traveling distances. Building these muscles will improve your speed, increase your strength and give you the power to hit harder.

Never get comfortable playing one position, and be aware of what other players do on the field. Know how to play each position, and you'll be able to make your teammates' roles much easier during the games you play. This will increase the strength of your team, and that is the secret to winning games.

Always do what is necessary to earn the respect of your coaches. Don't be that person that shows up late and causes unnecessary friction. Show your coach you're part of the team by getting to workouts and practices on time and by volunteering to lead. You are likely to be appreciated when you show the team you care.

Always keep a focus down field, no matter if you are receiver or quarterback. Being aware of what's happening down the field will give you more options should you gain control of the ball. If you are playing receiver, and you see a weak spot, go to that spot, and await the pass.

You've hopefully learned a lot from this article. The above tips are used by experts, so be sure to put them to use. When you apply this information to your game, your teammates and coach are going to be wowed with your new skills.